About Nancy Greifenhagen

Nancy Greifenhagen is an unique Portrait and Stock Photographer located in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin, just Northwest of Milwaukee.

Nancy's Portrait sessions are focused especially for edgy Seniors, romantic Engagements, Pets, and Professional/business Headshots. Newly added sessions include an uniquely created blended image for athletes of all ages and sports. Photoshoots can take place in her studio or outside on location and are approximately 2 hours long. Images can be purchased as prints or on a DVD in a digital format.


Senior Portraits


When it is time for you to become a Senior, you may not realize it now, but the world is at your fingertips.  This is the best time of your life.  It is time for you to take the Next Big Step.  Understandable, this is also a hectic time for you.


From personal experience, as a teenager, it felt like:


  • You will never grow up.
  • Nothing will ever change.
  • You will never get a chance to be YOU!
  • You wanted to stand out from the crowd, but not sure quite how.
  • You have your whole life in front of you with all the hard decisions that come with that, and not sure where to begin or what direction to go in.
  • And you have no idea how to express who you are and who you want to be.


Here is your chance right now!  You can be You! 


Not who you should be, or who everyone else tells you to be, but a chance to express yourself.  All you have to do is enjoy This Moment in your life.  Be who you are Right Now.  This is your “First” moment to be who YOU ARE.  You do not have to have the same Senior Portraits that everyone else has.  You can be different.  Whether it is you as an athlete, or you doing your favorite hobby or recreational activity, or you modeling the Beauty shot.   I want to be a part of your journey and photograph who you are right at this moment…for you to have forever.


This is your time and it is time to tell the world Your Story!


It is your time to Live.  To stand up; to have these expressive moments of who you are and all your achievements be noticed.  Don’t be unnoticed.


Call or email to book your unique photoshoot session.

262-255-6923 or nancygphoto@wi.rr.com

Nancy G's Stock images specialize in Emergency subjects such as Fire, Police, EMS, K-9, SWAT and Rescue Units as well as Vintage subjects including Native American Indians.

In September, you are invited to join an Artist Ride event located in Menomonee Falls Wisconsin at the Old Falls Village Historical Park to photograph historical reenactors. 

For more information ArtistRideWI.com

Nancy G also has many stock images available at:


Fire Stock Images

Native American Indian Stock Images

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nancygstockphotographyStock photography by Nancy Greifenhagen at Alamy